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We’re back from the moon. Having spent some time with places and people from worlds beyond, we’re turning our attention to more earthbound mysteries — the gothic specters that lurk around America’s distant past and darkest forests. In Vigilance’s Season of Fire, we travel back to a dark and desperate era of so-called witches, mysterious creatures, and suspicious neighbors, where we’ll discover that times may change, but our monsters stay.

The Season of Fire begins this Spring with our take on Arthur Miller’s eternally relevant The Crucible, in an environment that will bring you, the audience, close to the action. In mid 2023, we’ll bring you Vigilance’s Campfire Stories, an evening of storytelling under the shelter of ancient treetops. 


The next Vigilance Cabaret, as well as additional fundraising evenings, will follow; our next full-scale immersive, Hide, is set for early 2024. Just as the Season of the Moon contained distinct stories within a connected world, characters and storylines will connect through all of our upcoming experiences. (Does that mean our old friends are gone? Well ...) The best way to ensure you’re a part of the full Season of Fire experience is to subscribe now, guaranteeing yourself access to everything we have planned and more.

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