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You and thirteen strangers will gather at a historic — and possibly haunted — house. Inside, a deadly game awaits. You will meet a philosopher with a flair for the supernatural, a dreamer wrapped in grief, a self-styled mystic with charm to spare and a gambler looking for the best odds — and, perhaps, one or two more mysterious figures.
You are their game.



An Immersive Experience from Vigilance Theater Group


Story by Vigilance Theater Group


Directed by Renee Rabenold


Written by Sean Collier


Produced by Dana Custer & Ariella Furman


Technical Direction, Set Design and Artistic Design by Aaron Tarnow



Eleanor Abbott — Ashley McKinney

Theodora Court — Lee Lytle

Dr. Cedric Montague — Michael McBurney

Luke Haywood — Tyler Ray Kendrick

Jack Warrington — John Feightner

Spirit — Karen Forney



Crew Foreperson: Anna Failla

Crew: Nico Bernstein, Nicole Havranek, Drake Ma, Mike Madsen, Bob Rudenborg



Crew: Dana Custer, Ariella Furman, Ray Cordero

Character Film Cast: Steve Gottschalk; Hazel Leroy


“Hollow Moon” would not be possible without the financial support of our Kickstarter backers, whose generosity brought this show to life.


Special thanks to our numerous beta testers for their invaluable feedback and guidance throughout the process. Thanks also to the innumerable people, organizations, friends and family members who have given time, guidance, material support, advice, patience and encouragement since January. We regret that there is not space to thank you all individually; you have our sincerest gratitude, and Vigilance are at your disposal for future favors and assistance.

We're proud to announce the full cast for our inaugural production!
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Meet a few guests who've already accepted their invitations...
Hollow Moon
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