Reverberations — A sci-fi radio drama by Vigilance Theater Group

In Vigilance Theater Group’s first radio drama, a mysterious force has appeared somewhere above North America, and it’s attracting followers. Libby, a young employee of the FBI, discovers her boyfriend, Evan, has been digging through files about the anomaly — codenamed “Project Missing Tower.” Is he already under its spell? More importantly, what is this invisible power, and what does it want? Follow along with an episodic, fully produced audio narrative to find out — and dive into the world of “Reverberations” via an exclusive, in-world Facebook portal, where you’ll have the chance to separate fact and fiction.

Reverberations Poster (SUMMER 2021).jpg
Journalist Desk

Directed by Renee Rabenold

Written by Sean Collier

Associate Producer: Saige Smith

Sound Design: Angela Baughman

Original Music: Angela Baughman

Mixer: Angela Baughman

Associate Sound Design: Aaron Landgraf

Sound Editor: Aaron Landgraf

Poster By Dana Custer



Libby: Renee Rabenold

Evan: Abraham Ntonya
Sam: Saige Smith
Alathea: Rebecca Knowles

Claudia Vaughn: Jenny Malarkey

Agent X: Tamara Siegert

Agent Z: Tyler Ray Kendrick

Announcer, Waitress, Angela: Lee Lytle

Digital Cast: Zach Funk, Amanda Reed

Additional Voices: Sean Collier, Mary Beth Kulin


Vigilance was co-founded in 2018 by Sean Collier, Dana Custer, Ariella Furman and Renee Rabenold.
Executive Director: Sean Collier; Artistic Director: Renee Rabenold; Production Associate: Saige Smith.