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The Third Vigilance Cabaret

Directed by Renee Rabenold
Created by Vigilance
Technical Direction by Anna Failla
Stage Management by Brooke Echnat
House Management by Allie Lampman & Rory Janney
Company Management by Marisa Postava
Production Management by Saige Smith

Dramaturgy by Jeremy Beveridge

Performers and Assorted Spirits


Guitar & Vocals: Kalyani Singh
Vocals: Gabriela Garza


Stand-Up: Asher O'Briant

Sketch Performers: Paul Fields, Elena Falgione, Michael McBurney, Ben Amiri, Kevin O'Brien, Beth Geatches, Louisa Pastorius
All Sketches Written & Directed by Matt Solter & Kevin O'Brien

Stage Combat


Marisa Postava & José Perez IV

Delilah Du Mort

Rune Readings
Special Thanks

Thea Biss

David & Daniel Harmon

Maddie Kocur
Marisa Postava

Arcade Comedy Theater

Row House Cinema

Fat Cat

Quantum Theatre

Enjoy Wrestling

City Theatre

ASCEND Climbing

Brian Mendelssohn

J. Cody Spellman

Katie Tarara & Nia Johnson

Andy Collier

Scotty Swemba & Maxx Gregg

Jason Clark

Trader Joe's

Bold Escape Rooms
Luna La Creme

Scott Simmons & 
   Melissa Sapienza-Garrett

Dana Custer & Ariella Furman

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