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In Vigilance Theater Group’s first radio drama, a mysterious force has appeared somewhere above North America, and it’s attracting followers. Libby, a young employee of the FBI, discovers her boyfriend, Evan, has been digging through files about the anomaly — codenamed “Project Missing Tower.” Is he already under its spell? More importantly, what is this invisible power, and what does it want? Follow along with an episodic, fully produced audio narrative to find out — and dive into the world of “Reverberations” via an exclusive, in-world Facebook portal, where you’ll have the chance to separate fact and fiction.






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Vigilance is an immersive theater group dedicated to creating intimate, experiential productions. Drawing inspiration from high art and pop culture alike, Vigilance is determined to explore the boundaries and possibilities of the growing immersive theater movement.


Vigilance was founded in 2018 and is based in Pittsburgh. Vigilance is Sean Collier, Dana Custer, Ariella Furman and Renee Rabenold.



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