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Welcome to Moonside — An Original Immersive Experience\
The Spirits need your help. You've been called to Moonside, the otherworldly home base of our spectral caretakers, at a time of crisis: Earth is rotten, Spirits are getting lost and no one can remember how to make things better. Some of the Spirits think you can help; others are not very happy you've arrived. Can you make things right — or is a sinister fate in store for our ghostly hosts?



An Immersive Experience from Vigilance Theater Group


Story by Vigilance Theater Group

Directed by Renee Rabenold

Written by Sean Collier

Produced by Dana Custer & Ariella Furman

Technical Direction and Design by Aaron Tarnow

Sound by Angela Baughman

Costumes by Dana Custer

Props by Brittany Spinelli

Scenic Painting by Kim Marston

Fight Choreography by Michael Petyak



Person — Bevin Baker

Chrono — Jennifer Dallas

Dusk — Anna Failla

Still — Karen Forney

Tempo — Hazel Leroy

Never — Ashley McKinney

Midnight — Tamara Siegert

Dawn — Saige Smith

Eve — Vanessa St. Clair



Technical Assistant: Anna Failla

House Staff: Bob Rudenborg

Additional Crew: Christine Starkey



Crew: Dana Custer, Ariella Furman
Still Photographer: Erin Zima


“Welcome to Moonside” is brought to you by our founding sponsors, Arcade Comedy Theater, IQ Escape, Pittsburgh Magazine and Row House Cinema. This show was made possible thanks to generous grants by the Heinz Endowments and The Pittsburgh Foundation.​


“Welcome to Moonside” would not be possible without the financial support of our Kickstarter backers, whose generosity brought this show to life.


Special thanks to our numerous beta testers for their invaluable feedback and guidance throughout the process. Thanks also to: Ben Carter, Jason Clark, Cindy Collier, Brittany Dael, Colleen Geyer, Steve Gottschalk, Tyler Ray Kendrick, Mary Beth Kulin, Lee Lytle, Colleen Maurer, Ariel McAnulty, Modalllab Creative Studio, Nick’s Imports, Smitha Prasadh, Michael Quigley, Angelica Rion, M. Philip Sam, Melanie Seigel, Scott Simmons, Spotlight Costumes, Louis Stein, and Camille Zamboni

We're proud to announce the full cast for "Welcome to Moonside"!
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