Reverberations Cast and Credits

"Reverberations" from Vigilance Theater Group


Directed by Renee Rabenold

Written by Sean Collier

Associate Producer: Saige Smith

Sound Design and Editing by Angela Baughman

Poster By Dana Custer



Libby: Renee Rabenold

Evan: Abraham Ntonya
Sam: Saige Smith
Alathea: Rebecca Knowles

Claudia Vaughn: Jenny Malarkey

Agent X: Tamara Siegert

Agent Z: Tyler Ray Kendrick

Announcer, Waitress, Angela: Lee Lytle

Digital Cast: Zach Funk, Amanda Reed

Additional Voices: Sean Collier, Mary Beth Kulin


Vigilance was co-founded in 2018 by Sean Collier, Dana Custer, Ariella Furman and Renee Rabenold.
Executive Director: Sean Collier; Artistic Director: Renee Rabenold; Production Associate: Saige Smith.