Dawn's Trail: A Cosmic Uncertainty — An Original Virtual Immersive Experience\
The Spirits again require your help. One of their own is lost on Earth — and the spirits can’t intervene themselves. With ghostly help and a few old friends, you can find Dawn and lead her back to Moonside. Her time, however, is short. Will you follow Dawn’s Trail and send this wandering spirit home? Or will she forever wander in the mist?
You will soon know what it means to wander. Your time is now.

“Dawn’s Trail: A Cosmic Uncertainty” is a virtual, immersive experience from Vigilance Theater Group. It will take place across a variety of physical and virtual media. The experience begins Monday, May 18th; for those hardy enough to follow the path — across email, phone calls, physical clues and more! — new content will appear every several days. Dawn must be lost or found by Tuesday, June 30th, 2020.


Update: The trail has grown cold. Thank you to our generous supporters who made Dawn's Trail possible.