We are proud to announce our founding partners and supporters:

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A recent banner headline on offered this assessment of the city’s arts scene:



Escape the traditional and unleash your imagination in Pittsburgh.


We couldn’t agree more.

There is a vibrant and growing theater scene in our city, making it attractive to visitors, students, long-time residents and newcomers finding work in our booming tech and science hub. Supporting theater is a sound way to spend your dollars with a donation.


We are excited to add a new option to the city’s arts community — and expand the national growth of immersive theater companies. Pittsburgh has exceptional talent — onstage, and behind the scenes. Vigilance Theater Company will help keep those talented and diverse artists in our city by offering another opportunity to perform their craft.


We will continue to produce new work each year, growing Pittsburgh’s reputation as an arts destination and working with other companies to create an even stronger arts foundation through collaboration and engage audience members to support not just our own work, but that of creators throughout the community.

How You Can Help

Your tax-deductible support as a founding sponsor can help us launch our new company and make a difference in our community — for the arts and the economy. We are currently seeking a small number of founding sponsors, looking for the organizations with whom we can establish a lasting relationship as Vigilance Theater Group continues to grow. For more information please contact us at: